A Handbook of Lesser Known Timbers (With CD)

K.M. Bhat; P.K. Thulasidas and K.H. Hussain, Kerala Forest Research Institute, 2008, viii, 180 p, 180 colour ills, ISBN : 8185041660, $50.00 (Includes free airmail shipping)

A Handbook of Lesser Known Timbers (With CD)/K.M. Bhat, P.K. Thulasidas and K.H. Hussain

Contents: Acknowledgements. Introduction. 1. Acacia/Ear-pod wattle. 2. Afzelia. 3. Alan Batu (Heavier form). 4. Ash, American. 5. Ash, European. 6. Babul. 7. Balau, Red (Heavier form). 8. Balau/Selangan Batu (Heavier form). 9. Banyan. 10. Beech, European. 11. Beli. 12. Bishopwood/Cholavenga. 13. Blue Pine. 14. Charcoal tree. 15. Cherry, American. 16. Chir Pine. 17. Ebony, African. 18. Gamari/Kumbil. 19. Giam (Heavier form). 20. Greenheart. 21. Gulmohur. 22. Idigbo. 23. Imbuya. 24. Iroko. 25. Kapur. 26. Kassi/Mullu-Venga. 27. Kekatong. 28. Kempas. 29. Keruing. 30.  Keruntum. 31. Kusia/Opepe. 32. Machilus/Kolamavu. 33. Mahogany, American. 34. Mangium /Brown Salwood. 35. Maple, European. 36. Maple, Rock. 37. Meranti bakau. 38. Meranti, Dark red. 39. Merbau / Kwila. 40. Merpauh. 41. Moabi. 42. Mora. 43. Mysore gum. 44. Neem. 45. Niove. 46. Oak (Red), American. 47. Oak (White), American. 48. Ovangkol. 49. Padauk (Malaysia) / Narra. 50. Padauk, African. 51. Padauk, Burma. 52. Parambai / Karivelam. 53. Paulownia. 54. Pine, Pitch / Longleaf Pine. 55. Pine, Ponderosa. 56. Pine, Radiata. 57. Pine Red. 58. Poon /Punna. 59. Purpleheart / Violet wood. 60. Pyinkado. 61. Resak. 62. River red gum. 63. Rose gum. 64. Rubber wood. 65. Sapele. 66. Shibidan / Peroba rosa. 67. Silver oak. 68. Sissoo. 69. Tali. 70. Taukkyan. 71. Teak. 72. Toon. 73. Tualang. 74. Vella-veetti. 75. Vitex. 76. Walnut, European. 77. Yellow Poui /Ipe. Glossary. Botanical and vernacular names index. Index for end uses. Index to substitute timbers.

"This handbook will serve as a source of ready reference in the trade and user-sectors to get acquainted with the lesser known timbers of domestic market particularly in the state of Kerala in India. Properties and uses of 77 timbers are provided in the handbook of which 52 timbers are of imported species. The information presented on various properties of timbers and their standard trade and botanical names will facilitate selection of right timber for various applications. This will also be of use to numerous designers, architects, wood workers and organisations like State Forest Department, Central Public Works Department, and other public-sector units/ corporations, who have to choose the right timber for the job in hand and find alterative sources. An exhaustive suitability index has been provided at the end for the 77 timbers for various end-uses. This user-friendly handbook with full-colour illustrations displays the natural grain and features of wood, an points to the right choice of timbers especially to substitute the well known commercial timbers which are increasingly becoming scarce in the market. The market price of timber in Indian Rupees (as on year 2006) wherever available, and the substitutes for some of the well-known timbers are also highlighted for the benefit of end users." (jacket)

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