Art of Editing

Edited by Meenu, Murari Lal and Sons, 2008, viii, 248 p, ISBN : 8189239602, $28.00 (Includes free airmail shipping)

Art of Editing/edited by Meenu

Contents: Preface. 1. Process of editing. 2. Duties of editor. 3. Traits of a reporter. 4. News editor. 5. Rules for editing. 6. Editing techniques. 7. Sub-editing. 8. Process of printing. 9. Magazine writing and news casting. 10. Editing of news story. 11. Manuscripting editing. 12. Editing of conference proceedings. 13. Editing of journal. Bibliography. Index.

"News editing is tailoring news items or a news story to the required shape and size, using the right kind of expressions and symbols. A copy is edited to highlight the "news sense" in a story, and to bring uniformity of language and style in an issue of newspaper. The newsroom in a newspaper or a news agency office is the hub of the entire activity in a news organisation. The editorial desk (also known as the editorial department or copy desk or news desk) is the nerve centre of a newsroom. It is here that everyday the newspaper issues are planned and made."

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