A Handbook of Sociology of Education

Prem Lata Sharma, Sarup and Sons, 2008, viii, 300 p, ISBN : 8176258164, $25.00 (Includes free airmail shipping)

Contents: Preface. 1. The family. 2. The peer group. 3. The school as a social system. 4. Community institutions and agencies. 5. The life-space of the child. 6. The school as a sorting and selecting agency. 7. The college in the social structure. 8. Education and social policy. 9. The school and problems of the community. Bibliography. Index.

"Teachers, parents, students and the governmental agencies are involved in the process of education.

The social strata from whom teachers and students come go to determine the quality of education.

The process like the community from whom the teachers come and the communities from whom the students can go a long way in influencing the curriculum contents and the outcome of learning.

The major problem of any system of education is the outcome of learning after students learn the curriculum and go back to their home as trained citizens of a civilized society." (jacket)

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