A Doctor's Memoirs : An Inside Story of the Medical Profession

M P Gogoi, B R Pub, 2008, x, 198 p, ISBN : 8176466395, $22.00 (Includes free airmail shipping)

Contents: Foreword. Preface. 1. Medical studies. 2. Training in Calcutta. 3. Experiences in North Wales. 4. Experiences in England. 5. Back in India.

"A Doctor's Memoirs--An Inside Story of the medical Profession has been written from the wide personal experiences of the author from his student days in the Medical College, his training period as a junior doctor and his professional life later. Dr. Gogoi trained in India as well as in North Wales and England. Apart from Gynaecology and obstetrics he also worked in medicine and surgery as a resident. His varied experiences in all these branches are well depicted in the book which will let the reader know about many things which the doctor is confronted with--his success, failures, happiness and the unpleasant moments in the busy life he leads. His vivid descriptions of the dissected human body in the anatomy dissection hall, a labouring woman's distress and also happiness on the delivery table, a practicing doctor's hectic life, a seriously ill patient's struggle for survival are delicately put before the reader who will find the book very interesting." (jacket)

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