Afro-Asian Conflicts : Changing Contours, Costs and Consequences

Edited by Shekhawat and Debidatta Aurobinda Mahapatra, New Century, 2008, xiv, 300 p, ISBN : 8177081831, $40.00 (Includes free airmail shipping)

Contents: Preface. I. Theoretical framework: 1. Conflicts, costs and the Afro-Asian context/Seema Shekhawat and Debidatta Aurobinda Mahapatra. 2. Futility of Armed conflict: the role of dignity and humiliation/Evelin G. Linder. 3. Long war and long peace in Northern Ireland/Neil Jarman. II. The Asian context: 4. Challenges of Ethno-nationalism in Balochistan/Aasim Sajjad Akhtar. 5. Maoist insurgency in Nepal: context, cost and consequences/Manish Thapa. 6. Justice or reconciliation?: prospects and problems of peace-building in Cambodia/Mneesha Gellman. 7. Causes and consequences of ethno-political conflict in Sri Lanka/Nirmanusan Balasundaram. 8. Kashmir conflict: causes, costs and prospects of peace/Debidatta Aurobinda Mahapatra and Shailender Shekhawat. 9. Transcending conflicts: challenges and hopes for peace in the Philippines/Virginia F. Cawagas, Toh Swee-Hin and Ofelia Durante. III. The African context: 10. Rwandan Genocide: sociological, economic and psychological consequences/Jean-Damascene Gasanabo. 11. Congo in crisis: violent conflict and its consequences/Seema Shekhawat. 12. Kenya in crisis: causes and consequences of the post-December 2007 Election conflict/Kennedy Agade Mkutu. 13. Sierra Leone conflict: liberation or incarceration?/Zinurine Alghali. 14. Darfur conflict: costs and politics/Seema Shekhawat. Index.

"The issues of conflict and peace are of immense relevance in the post-cold war scenario, which has witnessed an unprecedented rise in violent conflicts locally with global ramifications. Whether it is Asia or Africa or other continents, the conflicts have been protracted with horrendous consequences. This volume looks at some of the conflicts in Asia and Africa, commonly referred to as the third world, and their political and humanitarian dimensions. It aims at exploring causes and changing contours of these conflicts with focus on costs and consequences. By emphasizing on these twin aspects, this volume brings into forefront victimization of common people caught in conflict situations.

The subject of conflict being one of the focal areas in international politics, the book would be of interest to  a vast readership globally. It would be helpful to researchers, international, governmental as well as Non-Governmental Organizations and policy makers dealing with issues related to conflict, peace, displacement and human rights." (jacket)

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