Vaastu : Secrets for a Better Life

Puneet Chawla, Ravi Dhariwal, 2008, pbk, 238 p, 36 colour ills, ISBN : 8189906252, $15.00 (Includes free airmail shipping)

Contents: Preface. Introduction to Vaastu: 1. What is Vaastu? 2. Importance of directions in Vaastu. 3. The five elements and subtle energies. 4. Symbols of Vaastu. Vaastu at home and in the workplace: 5. Plots. 6. Vaastu for new structures. 7. Main door and entries. 8. Mandir. 9. Drawing room. 10. Dining room. 11. Kitchen. 12. Bedroom. 13. Bathroom. 14. Vaastu for children's room and study. 15. Other rooms--guest room, servant's room and generator room. 16. Vaastu in the workplace. 17. Vaastu tips for bosses and business. 18. Height, elevation and stairs. 19. Levels, slopes and rainwater. 20. Vaastu and water tanks. Vaastu for better living: 21. Colours. 22. Tips for a better life. 23. Vaastu for happiness. 24. Vaastu for energy--how to tackle love, life or lack of both. 25. Vaastu for lifestyle. Appendices.

"Vaastu Secrets for a Better Life takes you through the interesting and fascinating world of Vaastu, explaining the what, why and how in Vaastu. Written in an easy and reader-friendly style, with tips galore, this book includes:

Tips on how to harness and enhance positive energies in both the home and workplace;
Tips on how to improve the quality of daily living;
Case studies showing the effectiveness of this ancient science in modern day-to-day life situations.

So come, be a part of the exciting world of Vaastu and experience a sea change in your own life."

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