1857 Select Documents : The Bengal Army, Vol. VIII

, Life Span, 2008, xii, 264 p, ISBN : 8183690089, $33.00 (Includes free airmail shipping)

Contents: Preface. 1. Proclamations. 2. Letters. 3. Dispatches.

"The year 1857 was a unique moment of inspiration and awakening in India's history which evoked the soul of the nation to oppose alien rule. The revolt was a social revolution and yet also contained the seeds of political nationalism. Its emotional and ideological ramifications and reactions varied across regions, even among the so-called collaborators there was no uncritical or unconditional acceptance of colonial rulers. The revolt was thus a turning point in the evolution of the 'idea of India'.

The aim has been to make available, authenticated original sources for the interest of the general readers and also for scholars and researchers so that they can undertake more in-depth studies on this subject of profound importance on this occasion of 150 year of celebration of this great event.

These volumes will be an asset to any library and a pride to any home. Moreover, they will form a much sought after, reasonably priced and well presented addition to the literature on this subject of immense importance." (jacket)

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