A Handbook of Educational Policy

S.R. Sharma, Sarup, 2008, vi, 234 p, tables, figs, ISBN : 8176258242, $33.00 (Includes free airmail shipping)

Contents: Preface. 1. Standards and accountability in Washington State. 2. Volatility in school test scores: implications for test-based accountability systems. 3. Assessment and accountability programme. 4. Accountability and support in Chicago: consequences for students. Index.

"Indian system of education has been evolved from the British system of education. The British people who ruled India introduced the system of education to run their administration. They needed interpreters to interact with the British administration. The British, therefore educated some people of India from whom they expected that they will further educate other people. This was what was called the downward filtration policy of education. Macaulay advocated English system of education, which ultimately prevailed.

In independent India also, many committees and commissions were appointed to fix the goals and directions of the education system.

With all its deficiencies, the Indian system of education ranks third in the world in technical and scientific man power." (jacket)

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