A Dictionary of Scheduled Tribes in India ( Frontiers of Knowledge : Vol. 6)

A.N. Kapoor and V.P. Gupta, Radha Publications, 2008, vi, 404 p, ISBN : 817487562X, $40.00 (Includes free airmail shipping)

"A dictionary of scheduled tribes in India, The Sixth volume in the ongoing series Frontiers of Knowledge presents not only information about the different tribes in India, but also gives in detail the Tribal Lingo in colloquial use. In addition, have been given the technical terms commonly in use in the study of Indian Tribes.

Besides presenting a profile of Indian Tribes, the book also discusses the National Tribal Policy.

The Book, as such, should be studied with an eye not only on understanding the common tribes inhabiting India but also with a view to get acquainted with the logo or special terminology used by them." (jacket)

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