Conquest of Self

Mahatma Gandhi, Abhishek Pub, 2008, 186 p, ISBN : 8182471870, $22.00 (Includes free airmail shipping)

Contents: Introduction. 1. Brahmacharya. 2. Ideal marriage. 3. Birth control. 4. Woman's role. 5. To the youth. 6. Diet and health. Appendix. Generation and regeneration.

"A cursory glance through any single chapter of this work will show to the reader that Gandhiji holds radical views on most of the subjects dealt with by him and that not infrequently some of these constitute a direct challenge to those professed in so-called "enlightenment" and "progressive" society. But, they are expressed with such an entire absence of dogmatism and with such compelling appeal to reason that it will be difficult to brush them aside as being obsolete or obscurantist. The compiler of this book will help to spread the teachings of the Saint of Sabarmati and to promote among the younger generation of today a healthy outlook on the relations between the sexes."

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