A Text Book on Salya Tantra, Part II

Rajneesh V. Giri, Chaukhambha Orientalia, 2008, pbk, Jaikrishnadas Ayurveda Series No. 153, viii, 272 p, ISBN : 8176371018, $15.00 (Includes free airmail shipping)

Contents: Preface. Part A: 1. Arbuda (Tumours). 2. Snayu Vikara, Twak Vikara, Risarpa etc. 3. Dhamani Vikara (Diseases of Arteries). 4. Bhagna (Fractures). 5. Sandhi Moksa (Dislocation of Joints). 6. Sandhi Vikara (Diseases of Joints). 7. Disorders of Urobhaga (Diseases of Chest region). Part B: 1. Udara Vikara (Disorders of Abdominal region). 2. Guda Vikara (Disorders of Rectum and Anal Canal). 3. Yakrt Vikara (Disorders of Liver and other viscera). 4. Vrkka Vikara (Disorders of Kidneys). 5. Basti Vikara (Disorders of Bladder and Prostate). 6. Sisna Vikara (Disorders of Penis). 7. Vrsana, Phalakosa Vikara (Disorders of Scrotune and Testes). 8. Antra Vrddhi (Hernia).

"Susruta Samhita is a treasure house of knowledge in Ayurveda especially the branch of Salyatantra i.e. the branch of surgery. The information available is vast and spread out, collecting which is an enormous task.

Though much information is available, not many standard texts are available in English is Salyatantra. Thus this book is a small endeavor to provide all the information available in Ayurvedic texts as well as brief information of the correlated surgical conditions and operative procedure available in the modern texts.

The availability of both Ayurvedic and modern information about each of the condition will make the understanding of the disease an easier process for the students."

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