Bangladesh : A Silent Security Threat

S K Mishra, Radha, 2008, xiv, 274 p, ISBN : 8174875409, $33.00 (Includes free airmail shipping)

Contents: Preface. 1. Indian security panorama and Bangladesh. 2. Bangladesh--disputed issues. 3. Incessant illegal migration. 4. Illegal migrants determination tribunal act, 1983. 5. Strategy of the inter service intelligence (ISI). 6. Roots and foundations of terrorism. 7. Islamic fundamentalism. 8. Conspiracy against northeastern states. 9. Strategy of Greater Bangladesh. 10. The problem, analysis and suggestions. Bibliography.

"India's security interests are inseparably interlinked with our neighbours in the subcontinent. Passing through a phase of political, economic and strategic military development, the loud bangs of turmoil and conflict are clearly discernible in the sub-continent. The chaos, discontent and instability in the neighbouring countries make it mandatory for India to raise her alert. Is it not ironical that the country which must be obliged to India for her liberation and whose freedom is celebrated in India even today as 'Vijay Divas', should grow into a potential danger to the country's security?

The well-known expert in the defence related issues Dr. S.K. Mishra has, in various chapters of this book, made a remarkable attempt in highlighting and analyzing various aspects of growing dangers to India's internal and external security as also the fast changing and anti-India policy of Bangladesh. While on the one hand he has brought to the readers' attention the strategic danger involved in the Pakistan intelligence agency ISI policy of supporting and guiding Bangladesh against India, on the other hand he has also exposed the fundamentalists' dangerously heinous scheme of creating a 'Greater Bangladesh' out of the northeastern states of India. The author treats these developments on Indian borders not just a challenge to the country's security system but the unchecked and illegal migration of Bangladeshis into India is developing into an unmanageable social, economic, political and above all an internal security threat.

Decidedly this book will turn out to be of immense value not just to the subject specialists, policy framers, research scholars and the country's defence personnel but also to the political elite of the country." (jacket)

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