A Textbook of Pisciculture and Aquarium Keeping

H.S. Jagtap, S.N. Mukherjee and V.K. Garad, Daya, 2018, reprint, viii, 264 p, figs, tables, ISBN : 8170355854, $75.00 (Includes free airmail shipping)

Contents: Preface. I. Pisciculture: 1. Introduction and classification of fish culture. 2. Morphology and anatomy of any cultivable fish (Catla, Rohu, Mrigal). 3. Fish breeding. 4. Hatcheries and their management. 5. Rearing of spawn and transport of fish seed. 6. Design and construction of freshwater fish farm. 7. Physico-chemical properties of freshwater. 8. Physico-chemical characteristic of soil. 9. Pond fertilization. 10. Predatory and weed fishes and their control. 11. Aquatic insects and their control. 12. Aquatic weeds and their  control. 13. Fish diseases and their control. 14. Food and feeding habits of freshwater culturable fishes. 15. Fish nutrition. 16. Productivity of freshwater fish pond. 17. Management of freshwater fish pond. 18. Economics of composite fish culture. 19. Culture of exotic fishes. 20. Methods of Pisciculture. 21. Fish farming with livestock. 22. Brackish water fish culture. 23. Harvesting and marketing of fishes. II. Aquarium Keeping: 24. Aquarium fishes and plants. 25. Design, construction and materials used in home and public aquaria. 26. Common diseases of aquarium fishes and their diagnosis and treatment. Bibliography. Index.

"This book is prepared for considering the students those studying Fish and Fishery Science and Zoology. This is an ideal text book for zoology students with specialization in Pisciculture and Aquarium Keeping. The authors are doing research from many years in the areas of fish reproductive physiology, induced breeding of fishes, culture, management of fish farm, culture of various ornamental fishes in aquarium and their induced breeding.

This book is mainly divided into two parts, first part Pisciculture consists of rearing, biology, physiology, management of fresh water fish farm, brackish water farm, various methods of fish culture, sewage culture, induced breeding technique of various fishes, harvesting, marketing, fish seed production technology and transportation etc.

Part second Aquarium Keeping mainly consists of culture of various ornamental fishes in a aquarium at home, their biology, physiology, breeding, construction of aquarium, maintenance of aquarium etc.

This book will also useful for those who are developing fish farm, culture of ornamental fishes at home. The authors tried to collect up to date information and compiled in the form of a book to gain the students maximum information." (jacket)

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