A Textbook of Kayachikitsa (Vol: 1 to 3 Set)

Subhash Ranade and Sunanda Ranade, Chaukhamba Sansk Pratishthan, 2005, 1008 p, ISBN : 8170842639, $90.00 (Includes free airmail shipping)

Contents: Vol. I: Paper 1. Section-K: 1. Introduction to Kayachikitsa. 2. Vyadhi Dosh. 3. Vyadhi-Samprapti. Paper 1. Section-KH: 1. Ama: Metabolic toxin. 2. Dosha-Dhatu-Mala Vikriti. 3. Alternative medical systems.

Vol. II: Paper 2. Section- K: 1. Jwara (Fever). 2. Annavaha Srotas (Digestive system). 3. Mutravaha Srotas (Urinary system). 4. Pranavaha Srotas (Respiratory system). 5. Raktavaha Srotas (Haemopoetic system). 6. Udakavaha Srotas (Water metabolism system). 7. Rasavaha Srotas (Tissue nutritional system). 8. Asthivaha Srotas (Skeletal system). 9. Shukravaha Srotas (Male reporductive system). 10. Purishavaha Srotas (Excretory system). Paper 2. Section-KH: 1. Yauna Samkramita Roga (Sexually transmitted diseases). 2. Yauna Manogata Roga (Sexual Anomalies). 3. Chayapachaya-janya Vyadhi (Metabolic Diseases). 4. Medovaha Srotas (Adipose tissue system). 5. Tvag-roga (skin diseases). Appendices.

Vol. III: Paper 3. Section-K: 1. Vatavyadhi. 2. Kuposhanaja Vyadhi (Malnutritional diseases). 3. Antahsravi Granthi Vyadhi (Endocrine diseases). 4. Hereditary and other diseases. 5. Kshudra Roga (Minor diseases). Paper 3: Section KH-1. Manasa Roga. 2. Vardhiki (geriatric diseases). 3. Atyayika chikitsa (emergency treatment). Paper 4: Section-KH: 1. Rasayana. 2. Vitamins. 3. Vajikarana. 4. Rasayana and Vajikarana Yoga. Appendices.

"Kayachikitsa or internal medicine is a subject, which has attached attention of all those who are eager to learn Ayurveda, Physicians of other medicines, students and common people all want to know more about this subject as it deals with description of various diseases and its treatment. This book of Kayachikitsa in 3 volumes has been written more in the interest of the students of Final Year of Ayurveda. The syllabus of Kayachikitsa for Final B.A.M & S. examination has been divided in 4 papers and the first three papers have been covered in detail in three volumes respectively. The fourth paper deals with Panchakarma and we have published a separate book for this paper."

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