Decorative Design History in Indian Textiles and Costumes

Parul Bhatnagar, Abhishek Pub, 2005, 170 p, 40 col. plates and 243 b/w line drawings, photographs, ISBN : 8182470870, $100.00 (Includes free airmail shipping)

Contents: Preface. 1. Evolution of design. 2. Characteristics of textiles and costumes. 3. Artistic forms. 4. Archives of museums and design centres. 5. Contemporary design forms. 6. Future of decorative design. Bibliography.

“This sumpruous volume covers much information regarding design styles and practices that is disseminated only by word of mouth, never having been collected and published so far as Dr. Bhatnagar’s assiduous search has discovered. The decorative design history of Indian textiles and costumes, determines the rich Indian cultural heritage, which within recent years has received wide recognition throughout the world the beauty of Indian costumes lies in its richness of weaving, use of brilliant colours and skilful patterning. Much information visual evidence is found on stone, metal and wooden sculptures, frescores and paintings on walls, palms, wood, cloth and paper. The book will provide not only a wealth of inspiration to contemporary designers but also a visual feast for anyone with interest on the evolution of Indian designs on textiles and costumes.” (jacket)

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