A New Political Paradigm for India : A Christian Response

Moses P. Manohar, Promilla and Co. Publishers in Association with Bibliophile South Asia, 2009, 280 p, ISBN : 9380188003, $35.00 (Includes free airmail shipping)

Contents: Preface. 1. Fundamentals of politics. 2. State--a political institution. 3. Democracy -- and the Indian constitution. 4. Politics in India. 5. A Christian approach to politics. 6. Challenges before Indian Christianity. Comprehensive bibliography. Index.

“Political governance in our postmodern days needs fresh ideas. The prevalence of poverty is an expression of injustice. This exposes the inability of politics to deal with the issues of truth and justice. In this book, the author brings out the major historical and philosophical discussions, which contributed towards the evolution of the state as an institution of politics, and democracy as a form of governance.

The author believes that politicians will be better positioned to address the issues of injustice only if they are able to derive spiritual resources from religion. Religious resources can make politicians conscientious while handling power. In this context, the author brings out an exegesis of the Gospel of Jesus, which transformed Western political societies.

India is fortunate in having a multi-religious society and its political system can benefit from this. The challenge is to develop a common mission of religions which can encounter political society and make it more responsive.” (jacket)

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