A Comprehensive Text Book of Applied Mathematics

Rakesh Gupta, Abhishek Publications, 2009, viii, 408 p, ISBN : 9788182472259, $40.00 (Includes free airmail shipping)

A Comprehensive Text Book of Applied Mathematics/Rakesh Gupta

Contents: I. Co-ordinate geometry: 1. The point. 2. The Straight line. 3. The circle. 4. The conic section. II. Differential calculus: 1. Functions and limits. 2. Derivation of functions. 3. Tangents and normals. 4. Rate of change of quantities. 5. Maxima and minima. III. Integral calculus: 1. Indefinite integral. 2. Definite integral. 3. Application of integration and numerical integration. Differential equations.

“This book is a comprehensive package for knowledge sharing on Mathematics. The language of the book is simple and self-explanatory, this will help the students to grasp the fundamentals of the subject easily. The book follows a to the point approach and lays stress on the understanding of the core concepts. Appropriate number of MCQs are given for each topic that are of great help to the students appearing for competitive and State Board examinations.”

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