A Practical Handbook in Life Science and Environmental Science

Sudarshana Sharma, Vinit Kumar and Parmanand Sharma, Shree Pub, 2009, xiv, 180 p, ISBN : 8183293655, $45.00 (Includes free airmail shipping)

A Practical Handbook in Life Science and Environmental Science/Sudarshana Sharma, Vinit Kumar and Parmanand Sharma

Contents: Preface. I. General: 1. Units and measurements. 2. pH and Buffer. II. Biotechnology and biochemistry: 1. Qualitative analysis. 2. Quantitative tests for biomolecules. 3. Plant tissue culture. 4. Chromatography. III. Microbiology: 1. Microbiology. 2. Methods of obtaining pure culture of microorganism. 3. Maintenance of pure culture. IV. Environmental science: 1. Soil analysis. 2. Water analysis. 3. Plant analysis.

"The subjects Biotechnology, biochemistry, microbiology and environmental sciences are well known for their scientific development and their application in daily life. This book is an attempt to compile all important practical manual of these subjects and also make available some basic and general information about experiment.

This book is expected to be very valuable for the students of inter disciplinary areas like environmental biotechnology, environmental biochemistry, and environmental science.

This book contains four sections encompassing major aspects of science practical and manual. Section A gives glimpse on basics of research i.e. measurement of units and making of solutions. Section B deals with biochemistry and biotechnology experiments and gives a direction to students also to measure quality and quantity of bio-molecules present in the samples. This section also consist basic techniques used in plant tissue culture and would be very useful for plant biotechnologists. Section C consists practical manual for microbiology and gives a vivid picture to isolate and identify and purify the microorganisms. Section D emphasizes on environmental science. This section has three chapter soil, water and plant analysis and helps student of different streams." (jacket)

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