A Text Book of Modern Zoology, Volumes 1 to 2

Tarini Charan Deka, Maitreyee Das and Jashodeb Arjun, EBH Pub., 2010, xxvi, 974 p, 2 Vols, figs, tables, ISBN : 9380261133, $90.00 (Includes free airmail shipping)

A Text Book of Modern Zoology, Volumes 1 to 2/Tarini Charan Deka, Maitreyee Das and Jashodeb Arjun

Contents: Vol. I. 1. Biosystematics and taxonomy. 2. Biostatistics. 3. Cell biology. 4. Histology. 5. Developmental biology. Glossary. Index.

Vol. II. I. Animal Diversity (Non Chordate): 1. Introduction to animal kingdom, major and minor phyla. 2. Protozoa. 3. Porifera. 4. Colenterata. 5. Platyhelminthes. 6. Aschelminthes. 7. Annelida. 8. Arthropoda. 9. Mollusca. 10. Echinodermata. II. Parasitology. 1. Life cycles and pathogenicity of parasites of man and livestock-Taenia, Fasciola, Ancylostoma, Wuchereria, Schistosoma. 2. Parasitic adaptation in Helminthes, Minorphyla. Glossary. Index.

"The dimensions of zoology are fart increasing with modern concepts on animal biodiversity, biochemistry modern taxonomy and electron microscopy leading to higher concept of nanotechnology. The importance of basic zoology even then cannot be ignored as most teachers and researchers rightly felled the need for a strong base in general zoology as a pre-requisite for all aspects of modern specialization. The present book A Text Book of Advance Zoology definitely serves a great deal towards the fulfillment of this aim. It is therefore, found extremely necessary to bring out the present volume of the text book in a more useful and enlarged form to serve the basic purpose of the graduate students. This volume has been thoroughly revised and enlarged to fulfill the advanced students' requirements." (jacket)

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