Art of Bangladesh Through Hundred Theatre Posters : Art Du Bangladesh A Travers Cent Affiches Du Theatre

Babul Biswas, Oitijjhya, 2006, 224 p, 97 plates, ISBN : 9847763224, $75.00 (Includes free airmail shipping)

"Art of Bangladesh : Through Hundred Theatre Posters is a documentation of the socio-economic and cultural aspects of Bangladesh. But the book, in essence selectively tries to display the idea of aesthetics that has been reflected in designing 100 posters brought out for the same number of stage plays. This culture is so popular now in Bangladesh that for every new play, artistic poster of high standard is inevitably published. In many cases, some of the posters can even claim to have surpassed the original art of play. The writer has tried to explicate the relationship between the themes of the plays and how the poster designers have contemplated them." (jacket)
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