Central Asia in Retrospect and Prospect

Edited by Mushtaq A. Kaw, Readworthy, 2010, xxiv, 444 p, ISBN : 9380009321, $65.00 (Includes free airmail shipping)

Central Asia in Retrospect and Prospect/edited by Mushtaq A. Kaw

Contents: Foreword. I. Geo-politics/geo-strategy: 1. Geographical perspectives on globalization: the view from Central Asia/Reuel R. Hanks. 2. The state ideologies in post-Soviet Central Asia: the ethnic dimension/Valeriy S. Khan. 3. Partnership for peace, prosperity and social progress in Central Asia/Kei Karasawa. 4. Regionalism in Central Asia/Zubaidullo Ubaidulloev. 5. Russia and Central Asia towards political and economic integration/Ajay Patnaik. 6. Tajik-Afghan ethnic relations and their impact on the Central Asian security/Elahee Kolaee. 7. SCO: a checkmate in the great game on a Grand Chessboard?/Gulshan Dietl. 8. Shanghai Cooperation organisation: challenges and prospects/Ramakant Dwivedi. II. Geo-economics: 9. Realism and Middle powers in Central Asia/Gregory Gleason. 10. Sizing up conflicts over Central Asian resources: from past to the present/Mushtaq A. Kaw. 11. Geopolitics of Central Asia's oil and gas resources implications for India's energy security/Talmiz Ahmad. 12. An institutional analysis of the financial sector of the Central Asian Republics/Bushra Hamid. 13. Eurasian policy integration: theory and practice/Raushan Serik, Bela Syrlbaeva and Gregory Gleason. 14. Energy sector of Kazakhstan : potentialities and constraints/R.G. Gidadhubli. 15. Millennium development goals in Kazakhstan problems and priorities/Bolat L. Tatibekov. 16. Development in Central Asia: a case study of Kyrgyzstan/M. Chanachev. 17. Central Asia: migration and displacement implications/P.L. Dash. 18. Asiatic Russia and Greater Central Asia: geopolitical and geo-economic interconnections/Vladimir Boyko. III. Historico-cultural relations: 19. The Soviet legacy and ethnic mapping in the post-Soviet Caucasus and Central Asia/Touraj Atabaki. 20. Central Asian Milieu during the 19-20 centuries/Mansura Haidar. 21. Women, traditions and national identity/Marfua Tokhtakhodjaeva. 22. Socio-cultural challenges of Tajikistan in the 20 century/Abdurahim Juraev. 23. Labour migration process in post 1991 Central Asia/Naira Mkrtchyan. 24. Socio-cultural similarities between Chinese Turkestan and Kashmir/Aijaz A. Bandey. 25. The rise and decline of Indian trading community in Central Asia/Sanjay Kumar Pandey. 26. Ethno-religious movement in Xinjiang and Chinese development strategy/Debashish Chaudhuri. 27. Christianity under the Mongols in Central Asia/Mohd Rafiuddin Makhdumi. IV. Bilateral Ties: 28. Kazakhstan and India: partners in regional cooperation/Kairat Umarov. 29. Indo-Kazakh relations in the Historical perspective/Ashok Mukerjee. 30. Uzbekistan: the confident move along the chosen path/Saydakamal S. Saydaminov. 31. People's liberation movements of Kazakhstan and India: a conceptual framework/Maznitov Sattar Fazylovich. 32. The present state of Indo-Tajik relations/Umed Nazarov. 33. India and Central Asia/P. Stobdan. 34. Central Asian policy of Mughal India Diplomacy and cultural contacts (1526-1605)/Jigar Muhammad. 35. Silk Route and Indo-Kyrgyz Ties: based on the Chinese and other sources/Indira Musaeva. Index.

"Central Asia assimilated several alien traditions and trends and also forged conflicts and contradictions among the peoples of the region. Therefore, it cannot be understood without comprehension of its glorious past and budding present.

This compendium of thirty five papers, presented at an International Conference, organized by the Centre of Central Asian Studies, University of Kashmir, Srinagar, attempts to examine the various dynamics of Central Asia. It addresses a wide range of issues concerning Central Asia's geo-politics and geo-strategy, geo-economics, historico-cultural relations, and its relations with other countries of the world."

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