Chingiz Khan : The Life and Legacy of an Empire Builder

Syed Anwarul Haque Haqqi, Primus Books, 2010, xxx, 326 p, maps, ISBN : 8190891899, $55.00 (Includes free airmail shipping)

Chingiz Khan : The Life and Legacy of an Empire Builder/Syed Anwarul Haque Haqqi

Contents: Preface. Introduction. 1. The making of the man. 2. Struggle for supremacy. 3. Consolidation. 4. The great campaign. 5. The Mongol Avalanche. 6. The last phase. 7. Building an empire. 8. Retrospect: the Mongol Phenomenon. Appendices: i. A note on the authorities. ii. A note on Rashid-ud-din Fazlullah and the date of Temuchin's birth. Bibliography. Index.

"The career and achievements of Chingiz Khan have been of singular interest to both the east and the west. Considered a wonder-worker, his conquests were, as Rome Grouset observed, 'as important a fact for the commerce of the middle ages as the discovery of America for the men of the Renaissance'.

Gifted with a magnetic personality, penetrating insight, unerring judgement and disarming candour, Chingiz Khan was a strict disciplinarian, a master strategist and a great commander, who marched far ahead of some of the greatest figures of history and out rivalled the achievements of the all time great captains of war, Hannibal and Caesar, Alexander and Napoleon

The Great Khan's laurels do not rest on his conquests alone, as he was an equally adept administrative genius. He founded an empire not merely on his name, fame and might but on law and political organization, justice and uninhibited tolerance, far ahead of his times." (jacket)

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