A Handbook of Landscape Gardening and Environment

Syed Mahboob Ashraf, Agrobios, 2010, xxx, 278 p, 16 col. plates, ISBN : 8177543841, $60.00 (Includes free airmail shipping)

A Handbook of Landscape Gardening and Environment/Syed Mahboob Ashraf

Contents: I. Concept of landscaping and environment: 1. Introduction. 2. Importance and scope of floriculture industry. 3. Principles of landscape gardening. 4. Role of plants in our environment. II. Basic needs for gardening: 5. Soil and drainage. 6. Climatic requirement. 7. Nutrients. 8. Garden tools and implements and its function. III. Landscape gardening: 9. Lawn. 10. Hedges. 11. Edges. 12. Foliage and flowering trees. 13. Foliage and flowering shrubs. 14. Palms. 15. Araucaria. 16. Cycas. 17. Juniperus. 18. Pinus. 19. Thuja. 20. Flowering climbers. 21. Bonsai culture. 22. Cactus and succulents garden. 23. Hanging garden. 24. Window garden. 25. Water garden. IV. Garden and park design: 26. Garden and park design. V. Indoor/foliage plants (decorative plants): 27. Indoor plants. VI. i. Annuals (seasonal flowers): 28. Seasonal flowers. 29. Coleus. 30. Caladium (Rainy Season foliage plant). VI. ii. Cut-flowers "Right from birth to death": 31. Rose. 32. Chrysanthemum. 33. Dahlia. 34. Carnation. 35. Gerbera. 36. Aster. 37. Anthurium. 38. Bird of paradise. 39. Orchid. 40. Jasmines. 41. Marigold. 42. Gladiolus. 43. Tuberose. 44. Amaryllis. 45. Lilium. 46. Canna. VII. Protected cultivation of ornamental crops: 47. Environmentally protected cultivation of ornamental crops: References.

"This book has been planned as a textbook for under graduates and post graduate students of agriculture science, horticulture science and forestry science. The students as well as landscape designers, nursery men, unemployed educated rural youths and housewives, whose are involved in growing of ornamental plants or in gardening and raising of plant materials. The book covers all the topics included in the syllabus of under graduates and post graduate courses of horticulture not only in this country even in all such countries where the above courses are studying and ornamentals gardening or landscape gardening/designing is in practice. The contents of the book have been divided into seven sections. Section one concept of landscaping and environment, section two basic needs for gardening, section three landscape gardening, section four landscape design, section five indoor/foliage plants (decorative plants) section six (i) annuals (ii) cut flowers and section seven environmentally protected cultivation of crops.

Figure of garden tools, plants and gardens are enclosed in this book for the identification purpose.

The author has described the parameters of landscaping, and how to control the environmental pollution through plantation of trees, shrubs, climbers, hedges, edges, lawns, house plants, seasonal flowering plants, water garden, hanging garden, window garden. The author, on the basis of his wide experience, has presented the material in a lucid style. Readers will find this book informative and enjoyable and also as a guide for self employment. This book is an attempt to fill the gap amongst the growers, educated unemployed rural youths, housewives and nursery men. It is aimed at providing all relevant information and technology under one cover, about the theory and practical work of modern floriculture industry, landscaping and pollution free environment. It will therefore, be welcomed not only in India but abroad also." (jacket)

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