A Handbook of Extension Education

Dipak De and Basavaprabhu Jirli, Agrobios, 2010, xx, 404 p, ISBN : 8177544039, $60.00 (Includes free airmail shipping)

A Handbook of Extension Education/Dipak De and Basavaprabhu JirliContents: I. Advanced dimensions of extension education: 1. Conceptual issues in extension education. 2. Sustainable development: concept, model and principle. 3. Demand-driven extension strategy through participatory mode. 4. Communitisation of quality extension system. 5. Extension and management. II. Research dimensions: 6. Impact assessment, monitoring and evaluation - concepts, domains and praxeology. 7. Research design. 8. Theory building in extension research. 9. A scale to measure scientific temperament of farmers. III. Information and communication dimensions: 10. Theories and models of communication. 11. Axiomatic theory of communication behavior. 12. Adoption and diffusion of innovation: an axiomatic theory. 13. Information system and participatory approaches for project formulation. 14. Right to information: tool to empower common man. IV. Reporting dimensions: 15. Reporting dimension in extension education: agricultural journalism. V. Entrepreneurial dimensions: 16. Entrepreneurship: a conceptual framework. VI. Empowerment: 17. Empowerment - human resource development. VII: ICT in extension: 18. ICTs in agricultural extension. 19. Harnessing ICT potentials for empowering rural folk. VIII. IPR dimension: 20. Intellectual property right's. IX. Annexure. Subject index.
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