Bharatanatyam : How to...: A Step by Step Approach to Learn the Classical Dance Form

Jayalakshmi Eshwar, B.R. Rhythms, 2010, xii, 348 p, 1400 b/w ills, 40 col. plates, ISBN : 8188827145, $80.00 (Includes free airmail shipping)

Bharatanatyam : How to...: A Step by Step Approach to Learn the Classical Dance Form/Jayalakshmi Eshwar

Contents: Acknowledgement. Preface. Foreword. Who's who. 1. Bharatanatyam- a classical art. 2. The origin of dance. 3. The three fold divisions of natya. 4. Shiva-the auspicious. 5. Taalas. 6. Adavus "The basic dance units". 7. Karanas. 8. Hastha Mudras. 9. Paadha Bhedhaahs. 10. Important feet and hand positions. 11. Dancer's workout (Guidelines for practice). 12. Adavus workout. 13. Lessons. 14. Practising of Adavus. 15. Bharatanatyam repertoire "Margam". 16. Orchestra. 17. Aaharya Abhinaya (Ornaments, make up and costume). Bibliography.

"Among the many styles of dance that we have on the subcontinent. It is perhaps Bharatanatyam which represents the dancer as Goddess; her costumes, her jewellery, her stance, the clear and precise geometries of the dance, its meaning, its techniques that reveal the visionary four dimensional geometries of inner space in three dimensional sections.

While the dance is seen on stage in front of an audience, yet it takes form in an invisible, mystical world from which the dance itself is believed to have emerged.

Jayalakshmi Eshwar's book -"Bharatanatyam: How to..." states in simple terms all the first steps that are necessary to enter this world of dance. It would be an invaluable reference for students and teachers alike.

The book leads the student from the general ideas of the principles, methods and techniques of Bharatanatyam, to the main topic of the dance units 'Adavus'.

The book is self-explanatory with detailed pictorial and written instructions of the Adavus in a simple and systematic manner. Over 1400 illustrations integrate to form a comprehensive reference. A descriptive historical background to the dance form and it's evolution introduces the content. In addition separate audio CD and DVD are also available as support material." 

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