A Glossary of Phonetics and Phonology

Rupak Debnath, Abhijeet, 2010, Reprint, 256 p, ISBN : 9380031675, $42.00 (Includes free airmail shipping)

A Glossary of Phonetics and Phonology Contents: Preface. 1. List of illustrations. 2. Directory of abbreviations. 3. Guide to transliteration of IA. 4. Frequently used signs and characters. 5. Terms and symbols in phonetics and phonology. 6. Readers and references. Index of terms.

"A Glossary of Phonetics and Phonology is comprehensive reference to the terms commonly used in phonetic and phonological literatures. This most useful work contains about 1200 entries ranging, on the one hand, from phoneme to mora and granules, and, on the other, from the oldest phonological principles of Panini to the recent theories of Particle and Granular Phonology. It is an authoritative glossary, which can always be comfortably used by students, scholars and by anyone with interest in the two core fields of modern linguistics. Besides glossing the terms, this book gives the possible configurations for and the descriptions of the different IPA vowels, consonants and the supra segmentals. Important figures and widely drawn examples from over fifty languages of the world support the entries. there are useful notes on the orthographic structures of Tibetan, Brahmi, Devanagari and many Indic languages."

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