Eurasian Perspectives : In Search of Alternatives

Edited by Anita Sengupta and Suchandana Chatterjee, Shipra Pub, 2010, xii, 322 p, ISBN : 9788175415584, $50.00 (Includes free airmail shipping)

Eurasian Perspectives : In Search of Alternatives

 Contents: Preface. 1. Endangered Heartland: Russian Central Asia between Domestic and External Geopolitics/Vladimir Boyko. 2. Towards a New Paradigm of International Relations: The Implications of Central Asian Geopolitics/Farkhod F. Tolipov. 3. Virtual Regionalism and Protective Integration in Central Asia/Roy Allison. 4. Eurasian Doctrine of Kazakhstan: Historical, Social and Political Parametres/Sattar F. Mazhitov. 5. Central Asia, Siberia and Asian Russia: Theoretical Approaches and Methodological Reappraisals of Connotations and Terminology/Evgeny Vodichev. 6. The Roles of Small Regions in Intercultural Relations and Conflicts: The Bökey Horde, Gorno-Badakhshan and Abkhazia/ Uyama Tomohiko. 7. Authority as Accomplishment: Intergenerational Dynamics in Talas, Northern Kyrgyzstan/Judith Beyer. 8. Muslim Travelers from Russia to the Ottoman Empire: Some thoughts on a Research Agenda/Norihiro Naganawa. 9. Creation of the Composite Draft of the Buryat Heroic Epic 'Geser' in the Context of the Project of Nation Building/Marina N. Baldano. 10. A Passage from India: Rahul Sankrityayana's Intercultural Quests/Jeta Sankrityayana. 11. Linguistic Security during the Period of Acceleration of Economic and Socio-cultural Globalisation and Self-identification of Nationalities/Maria Gritsko. 12. The Role of Language in Forming Modern Society in Kazakhstan/ Anna Yessengaliyeva. 13. Language Socialisation and the Benefits of Bilingualism Today/S.A. Meiramova. 14. Tajikistan in a Changing Eurasia: Reorientation?/Dr. Muzaffar Olimov and Dr. Saodat Olimova. 15. Post-Soviet Migration of Mongolian-Kazakhs to Kazakhstan/Sharad K. Soni. 16. New Russian 'Middle East Concept' in Eurasia/P.L. Dash. 17.Energy: : The New Vector in Alliances in Eurasia/Sreemati Ganguli. 18. Central Asia and Caucasus: New Paradigms/Abdolmajid Eskandari. 19. Competing Geopolitical Interests and Conflicts in the Caucasus/Ajay Patnaik. 20. Central Asia: Challenges of Regional and International Cooperation/Mirzokhid Rakhimov. 21. Problems of Regional Organisations in Countering Non-traditional Threats in Central Asian Countries and its Neighbours/Oybek N. Makhmudov. Index.

“The book attempts to address problems associated with resuscitation of the Eurasian paradigm, which has resulted in renewed debates and discussions about a space that though imagined as a 'heartland' has tended to be represented as a periphery. There have been reappraisals about culture and identity that relate not only to the present but also re-contextualizes the past. There is increasing recognition of the need for new methodological terminologies that take note of these alternative perspectives in the present context. The book presents an opportunity not only for reflecting and reviewing existing ideas but also reformulating and conjoining them in ways that better reflect the reality of the region.”

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