A Chronological Biography of Mahatma Gandhi

Anil Dutta Mishra, Saroj Kumar Jha and Sohan Raj Tater, Abhijeet Publications, 2010, viii, 522 p, ISBN : 9380031521, $75.00 (Includes free airmail shipping)

A Chronological Biography of Mahatma Gandhi

Contents: Preface. 1. Mohan to barrister. 2. The struggle in South Africa. 3. Understanding India. 4. Initiation in freedom struggle. 5. Shaking the foundations of the Raj. 6. On Centre stage of freedom movement. 7. Towards freedom. 8. Attaining freedom.

"This work is an outcome of collective endeavor of three individuals with one goal to understand Gandhi and place the facts for present and future generations for bringing ethical values and self-esteem in them.

Gandhi's life was an open book. He combined facts with value, theory with practice, body with soul. He conducted experiments after experiments to achieve the final goal. On the basis of nonviolence, Satyagraha, Swadeshi and Swaraj he laid the freedom struggle of India and showed.
Gandhi was a man of principles and great convictions and always practiced what he preached. Once, when asked for a message to humanity, Gandhi said, "My life is my message". He lived a very simple life very wants and needs, what he believed in and said, hold true even today in the era of globalization.

Mahatma Gandhi a multifaceted genius, applied his mind to a large number of human concerns and left an indelible impact on the social, economic and political forces of the day. He left an everlasting impact on the world at large because he always spoke and understood the language of the masses and downtrodden. He made the people fearless to fight against injustice and exploitation. He was a man far ahead of his times. Voices all over the world today are re-echoing.

This book provides detail chronological biography of Mahatma Gandhi, the greatest man this motherland had given birth. It also gives a detail account of Mahatma Gandhi's life and action starting from 2 October 1869  till his death 30 January 1948.

This book will be very useful for laymen, students, research scholars, policy makers, politicians and social workers,." (jacket)

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