A History of Education in Modern Times

Ajay Das, Surendra Publications, 2010, viii, 254 p, ISBN : 9789380014302, $50.00 (Includes free airmail shipping)

A History of Education in Modern Times

Contents: Preface. 1. The Mission of the eighteenth century. 2. Naturalism in education. 3. Philanthropy in education. 4. Rise of the common school. 5. Observation and industrial training in education. 6. The common school revival in New England. 7. Development of modern educational practice. 8. Later development of public education. 9. The development of modern school systems.  10. The modern scientific movement. 11. Present day tendencies in education. 12. The educational outlook. Bibliography.

The History of education in Modern times is the history of teaching and learning. Each generation, since the beginning of human evolution and writing, has sought to pass on cultural and social values, traditions, morality, religion and skills to the next generation. The passing on of culture is also known as enculturation and the learning of social values and behaviours is socialization. The history of the curricula of such education reflects human history itself, the history of knowledge, beliefs, skills and cultures of humanity. The present work is a continuation of a history of education before the middle ages and a history of education during the middle ages and the transition to modern times. In a measure it covers the same period and the great educators of three centuries; but the purpose and method are quite different.

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