Administration of Justice in India : Ethics and Accountability

Rajneesh Kumar Patel, Deep and Deep, 2011, ix, 485 p, ISBN : 8184503432, $75.00 (Includes free airmail shipping)

Administration of Justice in India : Ethics and Accountability

Contents: Foreword. 1. Introduction. 2. Historical account of legal Profession and the tradition of impartial administration of justice. 3. High traditions and present status of the the legal profession. 4. High traditions and the image of judiciary. 5. State of Professional ethics in administration of justice and bench bar relations. 6. Professional and other misconducts of advocates. 7. Ill health of the judiciary and unbecoming behaviour of judges. 8. Mechanism for maintaining accountability of bench and bar in India. 9. Conclusions. Bibliography. Index.

"The book relates to the present scenario of the components part of the administration of justice the advocates and the judges. The concern and apprehension about the impartiality Independence and social relevance of administration of justice is becoming more and more compelling. The judicial efforts to keep secrecy and public interest in transparency the urge for quick justice and lawyers hurdles put by way of strike misconduct on part of advocates and charge of corruption against the honorable judges are heading towards collapse of the administration of justice creating an atmosphere of crisis confidence. The book discusses all these issues with insight, concern and suggestions for betterment of the administration of justice re-gaining faith in judicial impartiality by removing clouds of suspicion, etc. The book aims at enlightening educating and informing all the segments of society, i.e. the people, the advocates, the judges and the persons at the helm of affairs so as to invite the positive concern of all with a view to keep the stream of justice pure serene and unpolluted aiming at the establishment of alert responsive and helpful judicial system so as to cope with challenges of the 21st century." (Jacket)

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