An Exposition of Classical Dances of India : With Special Reference to Kathak

Shobha Koser Sood, Abhishek, 2010, 292 p, photographs, ISBN : 8182472785, $75.00 (Includes free airmail shipping)

An Exposition of Classical Dances of India : With Special Reference to Kathak

Contents: Literary section: 1. Origin of Indian dance and historical background. 2. Taandav and Lasya. 3. The beginning of Natya Veda. 4. Dashavtaar. 5. Classical dances of India. 6. Rasabhav. 7. Abhinay (enactment). 8. Kinds of Nayak and Nayika. 9. Fundamentals of Rangmanch and its elements. 10. Kalakram of Kathak dance. 11. Taal and Nagma in Kathak. 12. Sources of dance: Nrit, Natya and Nritya. 13. Defining words for dance. 14. Hand gestures (mudra). 15. Movements of different body parts (neck, eye, head and eye brow). 16. Origin of Taal and its ten Pranas. 17. Indian Taal and percussion instruments. 18. Ghunghroo. 19. Essays. 20. Brief introduction of prominent dancers. Applied section: 1. Teen Taal. 2. Jhap Taal. 3. Ek Taal. 4. Dhamaar Taal. 5. Basant Taal. 6. Raas Taal. 7. Pancham Sawaari Taal. 8. Shikhar Taal. 9. Lakshmi Taal. 10. Ashtmangal Taal.

"This book encompasses both the literary and the applied forms and I have tried to create a balance and justice between the two. On the literary side, I have discussed the origin, historical background and development of dance, Tandav, Lasya, the schools (Gharanas) of dance, various forms of dance, emotions and the rasas, enactment (abhinay), artistic sequel of Kathak, source of dance, Nrit, Natya and Nritya, glossary of the definitive dance vocabulary, the Mudras (gestures) of Kathak, eye movement, origin of Tall, Indian Taal instruments, original treatises on various subjects and brief introduction of prominent dancers. In the applied part I have described the traditional ways and various forms of dance presentations in Tatkar, Aamad, Todey, Tukde, Thaat and Chakradaar in Teen Taal, Jhap Taal, Ek Taal, Dhamaar, Basant Taal, Raas Taal, Pancham Sawari, Shikhar Taal, Lakshmi Taal and Ashtmangal Taal.

This book is a comprehensive encyclopedia on the subject and most useful for the students, teachers and institutions." (jacket)

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