A Hand Book of Seed Industry : Prospects and its Costing

Avinash Ramdeo, Scientific, 2011, 232 p, ISBN : 8172336776, $53.00 (Includes free airmail shipping)

A Hand Book of Seed Industry : Prospects and its Costing

Contents:  Introduction. 1. Some important milestones of development of seed industry in India. 2. Seed and plant. 3. Seed industry. 4. Seed production. 5. Seed processing. 6. Certified seed packing. 7. Costing in seed industry. 8. Seed storage. 9. Seed quality concepts and seed certification. 10. Seed sampling and testing. 11. Seed testing. 12. Seed marketing. 13. Seed legislations. 14. Contract farming. 15. Challenges ahead. 16. Directorates of state seed certification agency. 17. List of state seed corporations limited. 18. Codes of states and their registered seed processing plants Bihar state seed certification agency. 19. Notified varieties and their notification status from 1997. 20. Project report on establishment of a seed production/processing unit. some important addresses of suppliers.

The book contains the full concept of seed industry in India, right from what is seed, how it is propagated and how seed is developed as foundation or certified seed for production.

The book contains guide to history of seed industry, allotment of breeder seed, seed multiplication, plant and machinery detail, how do they work, what is seed processing seed storage, seed testing, certified seed packing and the important thing that how to calculate the processing expenditure on the finished material, i.e. certified or foundation seed.

Contains contract farming, seed testing seed act, seed rule notified verities and their notification seed control order addresses of state seed certification agencies, state seeds corporations registered seed processing plants under different certification agencies and their codes Indian wide.

Project on development of new processing plant. Over all it is viewed as the complete detail on seed industry. (jacket)

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