Algae Biofuel

Edited by S.K. Bhatnagar, Atul Saxena and Stefan Kraan, Studium Press, 2011, 344 p, plates, figs, tables, ISBN : 9789380012445, $75.00 (Includes free airmail shipping)

Algae Biofuel

Contents: 1. Algae-based Biofuels: A Review of Challenges and Opportunities for Developing Countries. 2. Biofuels from Microalgae/Yanqun Li, Mark Horsman, Nan Wu, Christopher Q. Lan and Nathalie Dubois-Calero. 3. Biodiesel from Microalgae: Fuel of 21st Century/Jitendera, A.S. Ahluwalia and Anjuli Sood. 4. Prospects of Microalgae of North East India for Biodiesel Production/Jayanta Talukdar and M.C. Kalita. 5. Heterotrophic Production of Lutein and Biomass by Chlorella vulgaris with Different Nitrogen Sources/J. Mary Leema, R. Kirubagaran, A.K. Abdul Nazar and S. Kathiroli. 6. Wetlands of Assam: Bourne for Exploration of Indigenous Bio-diesel Potential Microalgae/Simrat Kaur, H.K. Gogoi, R.B. Srivastava and M.C. Kalita. 7. Potential of a Red Alga, Lemanea for Use as a Source of Biofuel/Jayashree Rout, B.B. Chaugule and Rahul Bhosale. 8. Exploration and Utilization of microalgae for Biodiesel Production: Hindrance Towards Transgenic Approach/J. Purkayastha, H.K. Gogoi and R.B. Srivastava. 9. Macroalgae for Second Generation Biofuels: Myth or Reality? A European Perspective/Stefan Kraan. 10. Our Tryst with Microalgae Having Potential for Biopigments, Biopolymer, Biofuel and Bioremediation/Sandhya Mishra. 11. Impact of Raw Material Composition on Biodiesel : A Critical Study/Sukumar Puhan, A. Gopinath and G. Nagarajan. 12. Algal Turf Scrubbers : Cleaning Water while Capturing Solar energy/Walter Adey and Jeffrey Bannon. 13. Potential in Compliance and Voluntary Carbon Market for Algal Biodiesel/Lokesh Chandra Dube and Ankit Kumar. 14. Carbon Neutral Biodiesel Production from Microalgae : Perspectives and Advances/Shakeel A. Khan and Rashmi. 15. Opportunities and Assessments of Commodity Chemical Feedstocks from Algae/Steven J. Gluck and Damien Perriman. 16. Feasibility of Algal Biomass for Biodiesel Production/Sunil Pabbi and Dolly Wattal Dhar. 17. Cultivation and Harvesting of Oil Producing Algae in Hybrid Pond Systems/S.K. Bhatnagar and Deepika Abrol. 18. How India Can Achieve Energy Independence Combat Climate Change and Empower Rural Masses via Biofuels within Just 20 Years?/Atul Saxena. 19. Bioethanol from Algae for Energy Security/Renu Singh. 20. Evaluation of Algal Cake as Dietary Supplement/Raghvendar Singh and S.K. Bhatnagar. 21. Curbing Eutrophication by Growing Mixotrophic Algae for Biofuel Feedstocks/Monica Bhatnagar, Ashish Bhatnagar, Senthil Chinnasamy and K.C. Das. Subject Index.

Robust population explosion, reduced natural resources, imbalanced human food and animal fodder production, reduced fertile land, receding fossil fuel reserve, enhanced GHG, larger emission of flue gases etc have brought the world scientists and biotechnologists to the threshold of exploring alternative energy sources, clean environment and food security for all living beings.

All major plant feedstock being used for generating bio-fuel, the world over trap solar energy to convert it into chemical energy photosynthetically. These crops require agricultural land for cultivation and the bio-fuel outcome is poor and time consuming. Algae is a group of simplest, photosynthetic micro-organisms growing in discrete environmental conditions varying from fresh water to marine water, sewage water to domestic waste water, rivers to eutrophicated ponds etc. The photo-synthetic output of algae is much more higher then other plants and they are capable of traping more solar energy and carbon dioxide. Algae are rich in photosynthetic produce like carbohydrates, lipids, fatty acids, proteins etc. because of which algae seems to be the most potential feedstock for biofuel production and is called green energy.

Present book provides detailed information about algae bio-fuel through the reviews and research articles contributed by internationally recognized scientists. The book is comprised of 18 articles on the topics like 21st century algae biofuel, heterotrophic production of lutein from Chlorella, indigenous bio-fuel production from algae, production of transgenic stains of algae for biofuel production, macroalgae for biofuel : a myth or reality, bio-pigments, bio-remediation and biofuel, algal turf scrubbers, carbon market for algae biofuel, carbon neutral bio-fuel from algae, assessment of commodity chemical feedstock from algae, algae biomass production for biofuel, cultivation and harvesting of oil producing algae in hybrid pond system etc.

This compendium will be a land mark for the scientists, researchers and students who are concerned about the new generation biofuel production, nutrient from algae for animals and poultry and will lead to the new era of algal biotechnology.

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