A Journey Through Indias Past

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A Journey Through Indias Past

Contents: Introduction. 1. The Early Aryans. 2. The Aryan Expansion. 3. The Epic Age. 4. The Mahajanapadas and Dawn of Buddhism and Jainism. 5. The Early Foreign Invasions. 6. The Mauryan Dynasty. 7. The Rise of Shunga and Kanva Dynasties and Brahmanical Revival. 8. The Chain of Fresh Foreign Invasions. 9. The Satavahanas and Chedis. 10. The Kushana Dynasty and the Pre-Gupta Era. 11. The Rule of the Imperial Guptas. 12. The Vakataka Dynasty. 13. The Golden Era of Indian History. 14. The Age of Fragmentation - Pre-Harsha Period. 15. The Vardhana Dynasty and Harshavardhana - the last Hindu Emperor. Appendices: 1.Indo-Aryans in the Middle East. 2. The Evolution of Buddhist Sculpture in India and Brahmanical Influence on the Same. Glossary of Sanskrit, Pali etc. Words. Bibliography. Chronology of Major Events. Index.
The book presents the history of our great nation from the earliest times to the 7th century AD when the last of the Hindu emperors Harshavardhan ruled over a major part of India. The author has presented the chequered history in a brief manner and with meticulous regard to authenticity of facts. He has deftly touched upon differing views on controversial matters pinpointing the most likely scenario in an objective manner.

The book meets the long felt need of a nationalist yet independent appraisal of our past in a concise manner. It avoids the preconceived notions of foreign historians and their blind followers at the same time without attempting undue glorification of the past.

The book is certainly a laudable attempt to bring our glorious heritage alive.

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