Asiatic Russia : Partnerships and Communities in Eurasia

Edited by Suchandana Chatterjee, Anita Sengupta and Susmita Bhattacharya, Shipra, 2009, xvi, 302 p, ISBN : 9788175414877, $44.00 (Includes free airmail shipping)

Contents: Introduction/H. S. Vasudevan. 1. An Identity for Siberia/Madhavan K. Palat. 2. Conceptualizing Eurasian Geopolitics: Debates and Discourses on the 'Heartland'/Anita Sengupta. 3. The Integration of Asiatic Russia: The Historical Experience and Today's Problems/V.V. Alekseev. 4. Northern Asia and North America in Terms of Colonial Administration (XVII/XVIII c. )/Denis Anan'ev. 5. Siberia as a Part of the Russian Empire: Economic Development State Interest and Private Capital/ A.K. Kirillov. 6. Siberian Regionalists on the Place of the Region in Civilisational Development of Eurasia/M.V. Shilovskii. 7. Siberian Studies: Re/examining a Distant Domain/Suchandana Chatterjee. 8. Islam in Siberia: Historical and Anthropological Aspects/Stephane A. Dudoignon. 9. Rasputin's The Fire and Perestroika/ Rashmi Doraiswamy. 10. The Siberian Republic of Tuva: Linkages with Mongolia/ Sharad K. Soni. 11. Buryatia and Russia: Interaction and Linkages/K. Warikoo. 12. Siberia: India's New Cultural Imperatives/ P. Stobdan. 13. Siberia as Integral Part of Russia in the Era of Globalisation/Felix N. Yurlov. 14. Imagining a Russia Minus Siberia: Issues and Implications/P.L. Dash. 15. Russia's Policy Towards the Asia/Pacific Region in the Post/Cold War Era/Sreemati Ganguli. 16. Asiatic Vector of Soviet Economic Policy/ E.T. Artemov. 17. The Asian Part of Russia: New Step of Industrial Development/V. Yu. Malov. 18. Transborder Character of Transport Communications/V. A. Lamin. 19. International Transport Corridors of Eurasia: Socio/Economic and Geopolitical Dimension/M. N. Baldano. 20. Siberia: The Emerging Energy Frontier/Sudha Mahalingam. 21. Harnessing Siberia's Power of Natural Resources/Jatinder Khanna. 22. Siberia: Scenarios of Colonisation and the Demographic Landscape/N.N. Ablazhei E. G. Vodichev. 23. Chinese Migrants and Migrantophobia in Contemporary Russia: Stereotypes and Mechanisms of Their Formation/Viktor I. Dyatlov. 24. The Transborder Regions of Siberia and East Asia: The Problems of Regional Paradiplomacy/Boris V. Bazarov. 25. Strategic Significance of Siberia for Russia/Ajay Patnaik. 26. Russia and the Changing Geopolitics of Central Asia: Situating the Kyrgyz Republic/Ruby Roy. List of Contributors. List of Russian Translations. Index.

The volume, a collection of articles contributed by scholars from Russia and India, explores various perspectives about Russia's role in Asia. It attempts to integrate views about the Eurasian region and to examine a range of opinions about Siberia as a new field of study within Eurasia. The policy makers and scholars having interest in the region may find the book useful.
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