Advances in Aquatic Ecology : Vol. 5

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Advances in Aquatic Ecology : Vol. 5Contents: Preface. 1. Agro based material for purifying turbid water/Syeda Azeem Unnisa, P. Deepthi and K. Mukkanti. 2. Gambusia fish for controlling of pathogenic water microorganisms/Chand Pasha, Vinod Kumar Chaouhan, M.D. Hakeem, B. Sri Divya and J. Venkateswar Rao. 3. Ultraviolet radiation tolernace in zooplankton species of Tinquilco lake 38 S Araucania region, chile: experimental and field observations/Patricio De los Rios, Enrique Hauenstein, Patricio Acevedo and Ximena Jaque. 4. Phytoplankton diversity in Ramdara reservoir near Tulijapur, Maharashtra/J.S. Mohite and P.K. Joshi. 5. Incidence of vibriosis in the Indian Magur clarius batracus L. in saline water ponds of Haryana: a new report from India/T.P. Dahiya and R.C. Sihag. 6. Breakthrough in breeding and rearing of gold fish carassius auratus in temperate climatic conditions of Kashmir Valley/Sajid Maqsood, Prabjeet Singh and M.H. Samoon. 7. Effect of papain on growth rate and feed conversion ratio in fingerlings of cyprinus carpio under temperate climatic conditions of Kashmir Valley/Prabjeet Singh, M.H. Balkhi, Sajd Maqsood and M.H. Samoon. 8. On the aspect of seed production and prospects for brackishwater culture of pearl spot, etroplus suratensis/S.D. Naik, S.T. Sharangdher, H.B. Dhamagaye and R.K. Sadawarte. 9. Food and feeding habits of mudcrab, scylla spp. of Ratnagiri coast, Maharashtra/A.B. Funde, S.D. Naik, S.A. Mohite, G.N. Kulkarni and A.V. Deshmukh. 10. Potential for Ammonia and nitrite reducing products for shrimp farms in Andhra Pradesh/N.A. Sadafule, S.S. Salim and A.D. Nakhawa. 11. Evaluation of effect of different salinities on growth and maturity of Indian Medaka, Oryzias melastigma Mcclelland, 1839/A.S. Pawar, S.T. Indulkar and B.R. Chavan. 12. Acute toxicity of Dimethoate on freshwater fish, Channa gachua/R.M. Reddy and V.S. Shembekar. 13. Impact of copper sulphate on the oxygen consumption in the freshwater fish, catla catla/C.M. Bharambe. 14. Effect of temperature on biochemical composition of Lamellidens marginalis/S.S. Surwase, D.A. Kulkarni and R.S. Chati. 15. Water quality management for sustainable aquaculture/Meenakshi Jindal. 16. Modified atmosphere packaging MAP in fisheries/S.S. Todkari and M.M. Girkar. 17. Piscivorous birds of Dhanora Tank in Bhokar Tahasil of Nanded district, Maharashtra/V.S. Kanwate and V.S. Jadhav. 18. Chloride content in water from Shikara Dam near Mukhed in Nanded district/M.S. Pentewar, V.S. Kanwate and V.R. Madlapure. 19. Studies on aquatic insects in relation to physico chemical parameters of Anjani reservoir from Tasgaon Tahasil of Sangil district, Maharashtra/S.A. Khabade and M.B. Mule. 20. Physio chemical analysis of small reservoir Budha Talab in Raipur/P. Biswas, H.K. Varida and A. Ghosh. 21. Studies on algal flora and physico-chemical characteristics of Shikara reservoir in Nanded district, Maharashtra/S.D. Dhavle, H.M. Lakde and S.D. Lohare. 22. On a new Senga waranensis cestoda: ptychobothridae from mastacembellus aramatus at Warnanagar in Maharashtra/L.P. Lanka, S.R. Patil, A.D. Mohekar and B.V. Jadhav. 23. On a new hexacanalis trygoni cestoda: lecanisephalidae from trygon zugei at Malvan in Sindhudurg district of Maharashtra/L.P. Lanka and B.V. Jadhav. 24. Length weight relationship in mystus Seenghala/M.S. Pentewar and V.S. Kanwate. 25. Costs and earnings analysis of gill net and Trawl net operation along the Ratnagiri coast/S.K. Barve, P.C. Raje, M.M. Shirdhankar, K.J. Chaudhari and M.M. Gawde. 26. Study of protein metabolism in hepatopancreas and muscle of prawn penaeus monodon on exposure to altered PH media/V. Sailaja, E. Madhuri, K. Ramesh Babu, S. Rama Krishna and M. Bhaskar. 27. Reproductive biology of xancus pyrum varieties acuta and obtusa from Thondi coastal waters Palk strait South East Coasts of India/C. Stella and J. Siva. 28. Protective role of ascorbic acid on the lead and cadmium induced alteration in total RBC of the feshwater fish, Channa orientalis Schneider/V.R. Borane, B.R. Shinde and R.D. Patil. 29. Seasonal variation in faecal coliform and total coliform bacterial density at Pamba river in comparison with river achencovil/Firozia Naseema Jalal and M.G. Sanal Kumar. 30. Checklist of birds of Ghodpeth reservoir of Bhadrawati Tahsil in Chandrapur district of Maharashtra state/N.V. Harney, S.R. Sitre, N.S. Wadhave and P.N. Nasare. 31. Impact of sugar mill wastewater on groundwater quality/R.D. Joshi and S.S. Patil. 32. Physico-chemical properties of groundwater of Jintur Taluka in Parbhani district of Maharashtra/V.B. Pawar and Kshama Khobragade. 33. Marine algae Hemagglutinins from the coast of Goa/Kumar Sudhir, Tiwary Mukesh, Kumari Switi and Barros Urmila. 34. Two new distributional records of Bivalve species of family spondylidae from Mandapam area, South-east coast of India/C. Stella, S. Vijayalakshmi and A. Murugan. 35. Protein content variation in some body components of Barytelphusa guerini after exposure to zinc sulphate/R.P. Mali and Shaikh Afsar. 36. Gonadosomatic index and spawning season of snow trout schizopyge esocinus Heckel, 1838/Shabir Ahmad Dar, A.M. Najar, M.H. Balkhi, Mohd. Ashraf Rather and Rupam Sharma. 37. Constraints in shrimp farming in the North Konkan region of Maharashtra state/A.R. Sathe, R. Pai, M.M. Shirdhankar and M.M. Gawde. 38. Studies on PH and total dissolved solids fluctuations in Kaij City, Maharashtra/A.D. Chalak.  39. Effect of piper longum extract on the gross primary productivity of an angel fish mass culture system/K. Kannan and G. Rajasekaran. 40. A study on the development of immunity in the common carp, cyprinus carpio by Neem Azal formulation/N. Muthumurugan, M. Pavaraj and V. Balasubramanian. 41. Toxic effect of imidacloprid on the lipid metabolism of the esturaine clam, Katelysia opima (Gmelin)/V.B. Suvare, A.S. Kulkarni and M.V. Tendulkar. 42. Sodium fluoride induced protein alternations in freshwater fish, Labeo rohita/M.D. Kale, S.A. Vhanalakar, S.S. Waghmode and D.V. Muley. Index.
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