A Living Faith: My Quest for Peace Harmony and Social Change : An Autobiography of Asghar Ali Engineer

Asghar Ali Engineer, Orient Blackswan, 2011, 356 p, ISBN : 9788125041979, $30.00 (Includes free airmail shipping)

A Living Faith: My Quest for Peace Harmony and Social Change : An Autobiography of Asghar Ali Engineer

Contents: Foreword by Mushirul Hasan. Part I. My Life, My Struggle: 1. My Growing-up Years. 2. Understanding the Divide: Within and Outside. 3. Towards the Truth: My Struggle Begins... 4. The Bohra Reform Movement. 5. The Communal Challenge continues: Amidst Politics, Power and the People. Part II. Beyond Boundaries: My Travels Abroad. 6. The United Kingdom. 7. The Indian Sub-Continent. 8. Africa. 9. Asia. 10. The Americas. 11. Middle-East and Central Asia. 12. Europe. 13. Australia. Part III. The Journey So Far: Looking Back, Looking Ahead.

This book documents the life of Right Livelihood awardee Asghar Ali Engineer, a well-known reformist and activist, counted among the 500 topmost Islamic scholars of the world today. Beginning from his childhood, this autobiography chronicles his tireless efforts for communal harmony and national integration since his student days and provides readers with important insights into various communal riots through his investigations in post-Independent India. In his autobiography, Dr Engineer especially narrates his struggle against the orthodox Bohra priesthood and his role as a leader of the reform movement. In a way, his story is also a record of contemporary Indian, social, political and communal history and politics, particularly the social and religious history of the Bohra community.

Written in a lucid style, this is an extensive account of Dr Engineer’s commitment to building an inclusive society and his interpretation of Islam from a modernist point of view, in his own words. From the Americas to Australia, from Britain to Bolivia, from Indonesia to Iran this book gives a detailed account of his many travels and participation in various international conferences on inter-religious dialogue.

Through the reminiscences of a life that has been lived for truth, towards truth, A Living Faith is a journey from violence to peace, from prejudice to acceptance, from politics of power and religion to the power of humanity one that will be treasured by every reader.

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